Now that the holidays are over, it’s a popular time to move house. With no more pressure to host friends and family for the holidays, you may find yourself having more time to both find another house and take the time to pack and move into it. If you’ve been renting a house, you typically want to do everything you can to secure your bond back as well. With vacate cleaning companies available, there are multiple options available for you to ensure you get this bond back. You can choose from a full top to bottom cleaning service. To save money, you can opt for a DIY cleaning with a professional tile and grout cleaner to ensure your home shines. Below are some of the must do’s we recommend before vacating your rental property.

In the month leading up to your lease ending

This is the perfect time to get all of your usual cleaning duties done – this includes the bathrooms, kitchens, and giving your house a good overall vacuum and mop. This also an ideal time to invest some time in deep cleaning your oven, microwave and stovetop. Known to take a bit more time and elbow grease, these kitchen utilities are often focused on by landlords.

Once you have vacated the property

Now that you have had a good look at what the landlord will see, take a once over. What would you like to see as a potential renter of the house? Pay attention to dusty vents, fans and light fixtures. Make sure the mirrors are clean and clean the inside of all drawers and cupboards. After all of the additional dusting and wiping, you want to make sure you give your floors one last clean to gather up any fallen debris.

Consider a professional tile and grout cleaning

Many aspects of a vacate clean just involve cleaning the areas you normally would with slightly more attention. However, the floors of your house are always well-trafficked and require a lot of bending over and scrubbing. For this reason, we recommend investing in a professional tile and grout cleaner. This will ensure that your floor shines from the bottom up. It will also allow you to save time on cleaning the bathroom and shower. 

Trying to get your tiles and grout ready whilst also preparing the rest of the house is a lot to deal with when moving. You’d be surprised at just how long it can take to get mould and grime from off of the grout.

To have your tiles and grout cleaned, Wizard Cleaning offers a competitive rate of $5.50 per sqm. We also offer 3 standard rooms* Carpet Steam Cleaned FREE when you spend $250 on Tile Cleaning! Even though tile and grout cleaning may not be part of the lease agreement, having carpet cleaning is, so this offer is perfect for those wanting the best of both worlds.

Should you have any questions about our professional tile and grout cleaning or even a carpet steam cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals understand that getting your bond back is important to you. They will dedicate the time and care to make your home shine for the inspection. You can contact us on 0400 634 609 or you can leave us a message HERE