Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Payment Options & Policy

To make paying easier, we’ve adopted a wide range of available payment methods. If there’s a payment option below that doesn’t suit, please let us know.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Transfers (only possible if customer/company has an existing account/credit terms with Wizard Cleaning®)

Please note that our cleaning technicians are all equipped with a portable EFTPOS Terminal, so payment on site will be possible.

Clients with accounts – if you have an account with Wizard Cleaning®, we kindly ask for all invoices to be paid within 7-days of receiving them (unless otherwise arranged with account manager)

If the customer refuses to or fails to make a payment in accordance with our payment policy for whatever reason, Wizard Cleaning® will reserve the right to seek assistance in recovering the debt. Any legal costs, fees or services that Wizard Cleaning® incur as a result of recovering a debt will be absorbed by the customer.

For residential jobs, all flat rates for our cleaning services are inclusive of GST with the exception of the advertised $7.50/sqm rate for Tile & Grout Cleaning where GST will be charged on top.

Quotation Policy

When you are provided a quote over the phone/email, Wizard Cleaning® reserves the right to alter this price upon inspecting the job prior to commencing works. When at your premises, the cleaning professional will inspect the surface they’re about to clean and also measure the size of the room to ensure that these pieces of information are the same ones given when requesting the quote.

Before starting any job, the cleaning professional will confirm the price with you. For the majority of cases, the price given over the phone/email will be the final price, however, there are certain circumstances under which this may change. The circumstances where a customer may need to pay more than what was offered in the quote will occur when:

  1. Not all rooms/areas were disclosed when the customer requested the quote
  2. The rooms exceed our standard room size of 16m2
  3. Carpets have extensive stains that require extra attention and equipment ***
  4. When the use of extra cleaning solution is required in order to treat extra stubborn stains

Cancellation Policy

All cancellation and rescheduling requests must be submitted with at least 24-hours notice by either calling 0400 634 609 or emailing info@wizardcleaningwa.com.au. If you cancel/reschedule or fail to cancel/reschedule within 24-hours of your scheduled booking, you will be liable to pay a $100 late cancellation fee ($150 for Tile & Grout Cleaning). Any cancellations or rescheduling requests made with more than 24-hours notice will not incur a fee.

The reason we unfortunately need to charge this late cancellation/rescheduling fee is because it can quite often be difficult to refill a spot on short notice. The more notice we get, the more likely we can make another customer happy by squeezing them in to replace the cancelled/rescheduled job.

Handling Complaints

Wizard Cleaning® will always endeavour to deliver a high-quality cleaning service and take the greatest level of care in ensuring no damage is inflicted on your flooring, furniture, split system unit or appliances. If you feel as though we have not upheld our responsibilities, you must contact us within 48 hours so that we can have the opportunity to return, assess the issue and find a suitable solution. If the customer fails to contact us within this time, we cannot be held liable.

If the customer is unhappy with our service, we will not accept an assessment of the job based on photographs or videos – a member from Wizard Cleaning® must physically inspect the property before deciding upon the type of resolution provided. For all issues where the customer feels as though we have not fulfilled our cleaning duties, the customer must provide Wizard Cleaning® with an opportunity to rectify their work before a refund is considered.


  • Our cleaners will ensure all levels of professionalism are maintained throughout the entire carpet cleaning process
  • If you’re unhappy with our cleaning services, you must submit a complaint within 48-hours of job completion either by calling or emailing the team at Wizard Cleaning®

Terms & Conditions of Cleaning Services

Note – Our team will not be expected to move furniture so please ensure your room is ready as to avoid them needing to maneuver around your furniture. Whatever furniture has not been moved, our team will simply clean around it.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Whilst Wizard Cleaning® will give all attempts to remove most stains, we cannot guarantee that they will all be removed.  It is crucial to acknowledge that certain factors can cause a lasting discoloration of carpet fibers, and the cleaning results can be influenced by the age and type of fiber.There are some stains caused by acids, permanent dyes and caustics that will be extremely difficult/ impossible to remove. Furthermore, there are some circumstances where the carpet will reveal certain marks caused from wear and tear once cleaned – Wizard Cleaning® cannot be held responsible for revealing these marks after cleaning if they are not obvious upon the initial inspection.

When certain stains are apparent on particular carpets, they will often leave a yellow mark behind. This yellow mark will sometimes show either before or after cleaning the carpets.  The team at Wizard Cleaning® cannot guarantee if this yellow mark caused by the residue of the stain will appear after cleaning and therefore cannot be held responsible if this occurs.

Standard Room Size

The standard room size is 16m2, which is equivalent to 4 x 4 metres. If your lounge and dining share the same room, this is considered as two rooms. When quoting the room size, our team measures from wall to wall. If you have any furniture such as tables or lounges, these are optional for you to move before we arrive – if moved, this will allow our cleaners to have additional access and make the most of that wall to wall space.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Although Wizard Cleaning® will uphold their duties in ensuring the utmost level of care is taken when cleaning your tiles and grout, there are certain instances of when factors outside of our control can cause an issue and we cannot be held liable. These factors include and are not limited to:

  • Fading or damaged caused by UV
  • Any mould, deep-set stains or discolouration of the tiles & grout
  • Mould that forms in wet areas under the silicon
  • Tiles becoming loose, scratched or chipped
  • Grout becoming loose, discoloured, stained or cracked
  • Swelling to skirting boards due to improper installation / or skirting boards that are not sealed or corked

Split System Cleaning

When cleaning split system units, it is of paramount importance that they are set up and installed correctly before we attend the premises. Poorly installed units can lead to future problems when cleaning occurs and if this is the case, Wizard Cleaning® cannot be held responsible.  Although our team will check to see if the split system unit has been installed properly, we cannot guarantee if it’s according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Furthermore, when cleaning certain split system units, for safety reasons we may need to switch the power supply off in the entire home.  If this causes an electrical problem in the other appliances, Wizard Cleaning® must not be held liable.

Lastly, Wizard Cleaning® will not be held accountable for any pre-existing damage to the split system unit regardless if the damage is apparent or not. Types of pre-existing damage can include:

  • Fins which have been damaged or altered
  • Damage inflicted on housing components on the split system unit
  • Damage or fading caused by UV rays
  • Damage due to brittle or aged fittings

For more questions regarding our Terms & Conditions, please contact Wizard Cleaning® on 0400 634 609 or email us on info@wizardcleaningwa.com.au.

Note – this policy may be updated at any given time and without any notice when Wizard Cleaning® deem it necessary.