Christmas is fast approaching, and we’ve got to be ready! Usually, when one thinks of the Christmas break, they associate it with eating more than our stomachs can handle, enjoying the company of friends and family and most importantly … receiving lots of gifts (children love this last point).  What happens though when our children are completely consumed with their new toys and they find themselves sprawled out over the floors and carpets?

At first sight, this may seem like something completely natural and innocuous, however, the time spent on the carpets may bring about more problems than good.  Why is this?  For the majority of homes, they won’t have had their carpets professionally steam cleaned before Christmas.  Even though we advocate getting your carpets steam cleaned regardless of the time of year, Christmas should be a definite time to have it done.

How carpet stream cleaning Perth can assist during the Christmas break?

As mentioned above, children and family members love to congregate on carpets and share their joy for the holiday period.  Whilst this happens, they’re also exposing themselves to millions of germs, bacteria and dust mites that hide amongst the carpet.

By utilising carpet steam cleaning Perth services, you’ll significantly help reduce the exposure your family will have with these nasties.

Did you know that “nearly 2.5 million people with asthma, around 600,000 people with COPD, 4.5 million people with allergic rhinitis (hayfever) and 1.9 million people with chronic sinusitis”? – The Department of Health

What does this mean for you?

Considering that almost one-third of the population is affected by a type of respiratory/allergy issue, chances are that one of these people will end up on your floors over the Christmas period.  To help significantly reduce the chances of issues being caused by dust and bacteria in our carpets, we always recommend having your carpets professionally steam cleaned just before the start of the festive season.  Even though we can’t completely guarantee that your carpets will be 100% rid of allergic/respiratory triggers, we can confidently say that this number will be reduced significantly.

It’s time to prepare for the festive season and giving your family and friends a clean environment to enjoy together.  If you’re interested in our carpet steam cleaning Perth services these Christmas holidays, please feel free to reach out today!

Don’t forget …

It’s always best to plan ahead – Christmas is always a busy time of the year. Early organisation is key to ensuring a booking during these holidays!

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