There comes a time in everyone’s life that they dread – this could be when tax season comes around, when exams are due or when it’s time to pay your electricity bill.  Another thing that most dread is when it’s time to vacate and you have your final inspection – the thought of not knowing whether or not you’ll get your bond back when vacating is quite stressful to say the least.

If you know that you’re going to be in that situation soon, the best thing you can do is to be prepared. In order to help out with this, below we’ve listed our top 3 ways to help ensure you get your bond back when vacating.

1. Don’t leave it until the last week

So many people have shared stories of when they assumed that their rented property was in a more than acceptable condition, and so, they decided to leave the cleaning until their final week there. As the majority of these people begin removing furniture from their homes, more often than not, a dreadful surprise awaits them.  

Whether this is a stain on the carpet that was under the coffee table or a dent in the wall that was covered by your plant, a home without any furniture makes it very easy to see any new damages/dirty spots.  To avoid being met with these unwanted surprises, we always recommend doing a thorough check early. This could be as simple as moving around the furniture to check for stains and damages. 

2. Don’t give the landlord a reason to be upset

If you can go the extra distance and make sure that your entire home is looking spick and span, this might make the difference between a landlord that’s extra picky and a more relaxed one.

If a landlord enters the property and sees dirty grout, they might feel as though you weren’t looking after their property that well and so they’ll check over the rest of the place really carefully.  Only a small portion of leases will have included that you need to clean your tiles and grout, so be sure to read your lease agreement carefully to avoid being caught out. We generally recommend getting it professionally cleaned either way as the investment is small and the results are extremely noticeable.

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3. Take plenty of photos

Even though you’re probably coming up to the end of your lease, you should definitely keep this in mind before you rent your next property.  

When moving into a new home, you’re well within your rights to take your own photos and not just rely on the ones in the condition report. More often than not, agents and landlords will miss certain things in their inspections and if you haven’t got proof of a stain or damage being there before you moved in, you may be liable to pay for it. By taking plenty of photos/videos beforehand, you could easily avoid this from happening.

If you’d like a hand getting your property ready for your end of lease clean, don’t hesitate in contacting Wizard Tile and Grout Cleaning W.A.  Our professional cleaners are well experienced when it comes to cleaning carpets, tile and grout for end of lease inspections.  By taking extra care in these areas, it might be just enough to help you retain your bond.

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