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Wizard Cleaning Provides Perth With Quality Tile and Grout Cleaning Services at Ultra Competitive Rates.

Contact Perth’s leading Tile Cleaning Professionals for your home, business and commercial cleaning needs. 

We aim to make your tiles not only clean again, but to look fresh and new.  Tile and Grout Cleaning will do exactly that! We will strive diligently to ensure we have removed hard to reach scum, dirt and grime from your Tiles and Grout.

Due to grout being porous in nature, overtime it can collect a lot of liquid, bacteria and dust which can all grow and manifest to producing harmful diseases.  Many people over look this and wait until a problem happens before they actually treat their Tiles and Grout.

At Wizard Cleaning, we are experts in removing all those unwanted bacteria and dirt which can build up in your floors.  We also recognise that through Professional Cleaning of your floors, the aesthetics of your home or office will improve.  This definitely leads to a having a happier family and more satisfied customers.

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Our Tile Cleaning Services can be used in a wide range of businesses which include:

Day Care Facilities – Restaurant and Food Court floors – Shopping Centre Bathrooms – Commercial Kitchens – Office Bathrooms and Floors – All Tiled Flooring.

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Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Method:

When we initiate the Wizard Tile and Grout cleaning process, our team of Cleaning Professionals will first apply a pre-cleaning solution which goes over the tiled area.  From there, we will then add a highly concentrated cleaning solution that will penetrate the built-up grout. Afterwards, our team of Tile Cleaning experts with then use our state-of-the-art cleaning machinery to effectively and efficiently remove the dirt, grime and bacteria which exist in your tiled floors.  From this cleaning process, we will ensure that your tiled floors look as good as new!

Want that Perfect-Finish?  We recommended that once we finish cleaning your tiles, that you allow the area to dry naturally.  We will then provide some great cleaning and maintenance tips which will be specific to your situation.

Benefits of a Wizard Tile and Grout Clean:

Not only do we clean your Tiles and Grout and ensure an environment will less bacteria, but we also make your tiles look new again! If removing those potential harmful diseases aren’t good enough, then we’re sure you’ll enjoy the professional finish we leave upon completion of the job!

You can always ensure a CHEAPER, more hygienic, cleaner and safer floor for all your family and employees once our team of Cleaning Wizards have waved their cleaning wands!

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Package:

Firstly we’ll arrive to your property, inspect the scope of works and provide you with an obligation-free quote.  From there, we will have our Tile Cleaning Specialists apply all the required treatments in order to effectively and safely remove all the built up dirt, germs and bacteria that hide in the grout and on the tiles.  After that, we wave our Magic Cleaning Wand and get to work!

Professional Tile Cleaning Perth
  • Q: Will mopping be an effective way to clean my floor tiles?

    A: Mopping definitely helps to clean the top layer of the tiles and grout.  But that’s about it.  It doesn’t really do much for effectively killing the bacteria that exists between the cracks and within the grout.  Mopping can also create a new problem where built-up soap scum can accumulate on the floors and even discolour the tiles.  Lots of accidents can happen also where people will slip over on a wet, post-mopped floor.

  • Q: Can I use bleach or acids when cleaning and disinfecting tiles and grout?

    A: Whilst bleach is used quite often when it comes to cleaning tiled surfaces, it is actually NOT recommended for tiles and grout.  This is mainly because of the harsh chemicals that exist within the bleach which actually cause the tiles and grout to become more brittle.  The acids and harsh substances may actually cause more bad than good when it comes to cleaning your tiles and grout!

  • Q: Is it easy to maintain clean floor tiles?

    A: All in all. Yes.  It’s much easier compared to carpeted floors.  However, you must be aware that even though your tiles may ‘look’ clean, there is still the opportunity for dangerous bacteria to develop within the cracks.  This is why we recommend professionals to clean them for you!

    To learn more, read our article on how you can benefit from a professional tile and grout cleaning.

  • Q: When is best to clean the tiles?

    A: At Wizard, we recommend that you get your home tiles and grout professionally cleaned every 18-24 months.  This will ensure the longevity of the materials and the cleanliness of the tiles.  As for higher traffic areas such as offices, we recommend getting this done every 6-months.

  • Q: Can I get the grout sealed?

    A: At Wizard, we don’t believe that grout sealing is necessary.  If you do want to go down this path though, be sure to choose a Grout Sealer that offers a lifetime guarantee.  Otherwise, you will risk the sealer flaking away and causing ‘patchy’ spots in the tiles.  If this happens you could be up for some big costs.  The sealer will need to be removed, and the tiles cleaned.  This could cost you up to $25 per square meter.  At Wizard Cleaning, we offer Tile and Grout Cleaning for only $5.50 per square meter.  A prevention is always better than a cure!

  • Q: Will I know when the grout needs to be repaired?

    A: Yes! Once you spot cracking, it’s time to think about repairing! Did you know, that these cracks in the grout can lead to the tiles becoming loose?  It’s best to get on top of this before any serious damage happens to the tile surface.

  • Q: Is grout re-colouring effective?

    A: Here at Wizard Cleaning, we don’t recommend to use grout re-colouring as a solution for fixing discoloured grout.  This is mainly because it also masks the problem.  To clean it properly and effectively, you will need a professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service.

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