tiles and grout cleaning

Did you know that one of the most commonly searched queries in Google that relate to ’tile and grout cleaning’ is ‘why can’t I keep my tiles and grout clean’. If you’re having the same issue, you’re not alone!

The myths about tiles and grout

So many times we’ve heard of customers being told that it’s no issue at all to keep their tiles and grout clean. It’s simply a case of using a high quality cleaning product from the local supermarket, a couple of fancy clothes and voila! Unfortunately though, this is not the case.

You see, when it comes to keeping you tiles and grout clean it’s almost impossible to get them looking to near-you without external assistance. Sure, you can spend a lot of money on highly concentrated cleaning products and scrub for a few hours but this will usually result in you feeling exhausted, out of pocket, and your bathroom or kitchen looking slightly better.

Why do tiles and grout get so dirty?

Depending on where your tiles are located will usually determine the level of difficulty in cleaning and maintaining them. For example, if you’ve got tiles in a room of your home that isn’t exposed to steam, foot traffic or other external factors, then chances are they’ll be quite the dream to look after. When referring specifically to tiles in your bathroom or even in your kitchen, this is a completely different story.

Our tiles (and grout) will usually attract all different types of soap scum, bacteria, germs and other discolouring substances that will be difficult to clean off. The reason being with grout is that the porous nature of the material makes it extremely difficult to properly clean. You’re essentially just pushing gunk and bacteria further through the tiny pores. With tiles on the other hand, the smooth nature of these surfaces often means that the lustrous shine will diminish as more foot traffic, soap scum or spills are made over the top of them. We usually see a near-immediate result when giving our tiles a quick wipe over but over time, they’ll begin to lose their shine and form a stubborn film layer that makes cleaning them a nightmare.

Our solution?

You guessed it – professional tile and grout cleaning. By treating your tiles and grout to a professional clean even once a year, you’ll notice an immediate impact on the appearance of these surfaces. Not only will it save you hours each time you go to clean these surfaces but if you’re spending a lot of money on harmful cleaning chemicals, it could also save you money.

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