We spend one-third of our lives in bed sleeping. If you add in all the lazy mornings and movie nights, we’re in bed even longer than that! While we spend so much time in our beds, when is the last time you cleaned your mattress? Mattress cleaning can be an overlooked aspect of your home cleaning routine. Read on to see why mattress cleaning is an important part of your upholstery cleaning service and when you should do it.

Why should I clean my mattress?

Yes, there are layers of sheets and protectors between your mattress and your body. But during those hot summer nights, sweat doesn’t just stop at the sheets. And if you have children or pets, urine gets further than the sheets and even the mattress protector. With your face so close to the mattress, it’s not a task you should overlook. This is because the bacteria and microorganisms that can live on your mattress are a lot more than you’d like to think. There’s also dust to take into consideration as well, which can get trapped under your sheets. All of these combine to create an environment that spells trouble for people with allergies, asthma, or even restless nights.

When should I clean my mattress?

Mattress cleaning can easily be added on to your other upholstery cleaning services. We recommend this is done every 6 months so that you can prevent any buildup of bacteria and keep your mattress and lounges feeling great. Regular servicing also gives you the peace of mind that your home does not have any germ and bacteria buildup.

How will my mattress be cleaned?

At Wizard Cleaning, we always use eco-friendly, child-safe and pet-safe cleaning products. With a free on-the-spot quote and deodorising included free of charge, your mattress will feel as fresh as the day you bought it. Although we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the cleanliness and hygenic standards of your mattress, there’s potential that some statins will remain. This is just due to the nature of the mattress fabric and how old the stains are. But as always, we will provide the highest quality service possible.

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