Despite being two of the most commonly used words when it comes to carpet cleaning, they are two most commonly confused words as well!  Knowing the difference between staining and soiling carpets can sometimes be a little confusing considering both of the words begin with an ‘s’, end with ‘ing’ and contain two syllables.  In this article, we plan on breaking down these two occurrences and we’ll also explain why it’s important to know the difference for the next time you clean your carpets/ get your carpets cleaned.

First of all, what does staining and soiling carpets mean?

What is staining?

In the carpet cleaning industry, when we refer to ‘staining a carpet’ we’re generally referring to an instance of where something has been spilt on the carpet.  The most commonly spilled items may be juice, coffee, wine or milk. Once the substance is spilt on the carpet, if not cleaned well, it will be absorbed into the carpet fibres. By not doing anything and allowing this process to happen, it can discolour or stain the carpet.

If you’ve spilt something on your carpet, we generally recommend cleaning it up as soon as you can. The longer it’s left, the harder it’ll be to remove in the future.  With many stains that have been left behind, the most efficient way to remove them would be by calling in the professionals to have your carpets steam cleaned.

What is soiling?

Just like when your carpets have been stained, carpet soiling will also leave behind a stain. The difference is though it’s not from the result of a substance being spilt on the carpets.  Instead, soiling occurs when a residue has been left behind on the carpet and it has attracted dirt which then leads to discolouration.  Soiling may also occur when someone has attempted to clean the carpets without entirely rinsing off the cleaning products.  High amounts of barefoot foot traffic will also have the same effect on your carpets.

In order to help prevent soiling of your carpets, it’s always best to wipe off any residue or cleaning products with a warm, clean cloth.  Sometimes soiling will leave too great a stain and this is when the professionals will generally be called in.

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