How to choose a carpet cleaning company

When you’re in the market for a professional carpet cleaning company, it can sometimes be hard to know what you should be looking for. To simplify this process for you, we’ve outlined the top things you should look for when making this decision.

Is the carpet cleaning company insured?

Any trustworthy carpet cleaning business has insurance that allows them to safely service your home. Although this isn’t always located on the website, it’s worth asking when you make contact with the company. Carpets in your house are expensive, which is why you’re investing the money to make them last. Make sure the company you hire values this, which is shown by how they back their product offering.

Are there good reviews?

Check the reviews of the business. This is one of the steps you’ve likely already taken, as it’s important when making a decision about any product or service. It will help you to take into consideration what previous customers experienced with the business, sometimes bringing up concerns you didn’t know you should have. Usually, it will only solidify your decision to move forward with that company.

Does the company have its own branding?

When a company takes pride in what it does, they will invest money into the branding that their employees, vehicles, and website exhibits. Using the same imagery and vision across these areas shows that they are proud of their offering and want people to recognise them at a glance. It also is the sign of a well-established and experienced company.

Do they have an ABN?

A quick check on the ABN Register will show that the professional carpet cleaning company is registered for cleaning services. This is important to ensure that the business is above board and you are paying who you think you are paying. This will also be reflected on any tax invoices which is important as we near the end of the financial year.

Does the carpet cleaning company have any awards?

If a company has awards, they will be more than happy to showcase them and show you what they’ve won. Although awards within the carpet cleaning industry are lesser-known than the Oscars, it’s still an achievement that those within the industry want to showcase. Such awards usually take many factors into consideration and is a great positive when researching which company you use.

What chemicals, if any, does your professional carpet cleaner use?

What a professional carpet cleaner uses to clean your carpets is paramount – after all, that’s what you’re hiring them for. This is especially important to take into consideration if you have any allergies in the house, pets, or children. Ensure the best products are being used: those that are biodegradable, pet-safe, and children-safe, so you can rest easy knowing that your home will only be safer than it was before.

Will the professional carpet cleaners supply their own machines?

Lastly, do the carpet cleaners own their own cleaning machines? There are products on the market that you, or cleaning companies, can rent. However, the quality and results from these products are much less. When you hire a professional carpet cleaning company, they will bring their own high-quality equipment.

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