To the untrained eye, one doesn’t become aware of the germs and bacteria that can be hiding in their carpet.  Even to the trained eye, the majority of these nasties require a microscope to see them. What does this mean for the health of you and your family though … out of sight out of mind?  Not by far.  Unfortunately, by leaving these unwanted invaders in your carpets, you increase the chances of a pet or family member having an unfavourable reaction to them. This therefore places more importance on really needing to look after your carpets.

So then, what germs and bacteria are hiding in your carpets?

LOTS of Bacteria

According to Reader’s Digest, “About 200,000 bacteria live in each square inch of carpet (nearly 700 times more than on your toilet seat), including E. coli, Staphylococcus, and salmonella”.  This number is astounding!

The article further goes on to summarise that a standard vacuum cleaner isn’t capable of reaching deep enough into the carpet’s fibres in order to give it a thorough clean. This is why they recommend the use of a professional carpet cleaning service.


Yes, that’s right! Many studies have found the presence of salmonella in carpet fibres.  Many people believe that salmonella is a food-borne bacterium, however, this isn’t necessarily correct.  It can be carried into your home from the soles of your shoes.  All you need is a little bit of contact with livestock.  The below snippet was taken from an article written by the Centres For Disease Control And Prevention.

Salmonella organisms from all groups were found in household vacuum cleaner bags, except those from homes in which occupants had no contact with livestock or exposure to S. entericain the workplace”

What options do you have?

When reading articles related to germs and bacteria that manifest within carpet fibres, most point to a reasonable solution; professional carpet cleaning.

With professional carpet cleaning, one can rest assured knowing that their carpets are being cleaned to an extremely high quality.  The difference between professional steam cleaning and using a vacuum is that through the process of hot water extraction, your carpets will receive a thorough clean.  This means that all the germs and bacteria that are clinging to the fibres will be released with the combination of extremely hot water and a high-pressure suction.  This type of clean is impossible to achieve with a standard vacuum.  Although you can effectively remove superficial particles from your carpets, you’ll be lacking a fundamental cleaning element.

Your carpets will not only feel cleaner, but they’ll actually be cleaner.

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