With the all too familiar battle of endless bills and hot weather sticking around, trying to find all would welcome ways to save money whilst staying cool. Lucky for you, there are changes that you could make from today which could save you a lot in the long run.

Generally, when it comes to keeping the home cool, our number one go-to is the air conditioner. Although split system units are incredibly effective at reducing or increasing the household’s temperature at a quick rate, they also tend to cause our electricity bills to spike. For this reason, we’ve decided to put together some simple strategies in helping you to reduce the money spent on keeping your home cool in summer.

Make it dark

A great way for avoiding having your home overheated by the sun would be to close your curtains and doors. Make it as hard as possible for those hot rays to enter your home. Try leaving your curtains and blinds closed the next time you leave home and see what difference it makes upon returning.

Get your fan out

One of the most cost-effective ways of keeping your home cool would be to utilise a fan. Fans provide a great means of circulating air throughout the home. However, the only downside is that during humid days a fan may underperform.

Try removing the moisture from the air

As a way of assisting the fan to circulate cool air throughout the room, you can always remove the moisture from the air. Have a look for your air conditioning remote – do you see the water drop button? Try pressing it! This mode will essentially help to remove the moisture from the air, thus allowing a fan to better circulate the air. It’s also important to note that this mode doesn’t use nearly as much electricity as the cooling mode.

Clean your split system unit

Ok, so let’s presume you’ve tried the above steps, but you just can’t live without that cool air falling on top of you as it leaves the air conditioning unit. Don’t worry, you can still save money! Did you know that the majority of air conditioning units will have filters that are full of dust and debris? As this build-up occurs, it puts a lot of stress on the split system unit to perform its normal functions, thus requiring more electricity.

How to clean the split system unit?

Cleaning out your air conditioner can be a complicated task if you’re not too sure what you’re doing. For this reason, we always recommend getting the professionals to take a look. At Wizard Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth, we specialise in helping your split system units to perform better by giving them a thorough clean. To learn more about his service, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our cleaning wizards today!

Having a freshly cleaned split unit can significantly help to reduce the amount of energy required to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

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