You’ve hired a professional carpet cleaning service with the goal of achieving carpets that look as good as new and having the feeling of a refreshed home. Only, when the carpet cleaners leave, you notice stains that you never noticed before. It’s never good to feel like your money has been wasted. It’s important that you’re aware of what can happen if you pick a disreputable professional carpet cleaning company.

Brown carpet spots – why did they appear after your professional carpet cleaning?

Sometimes after the carpet cleaners leave, you may notice brown spots that weren’t there before. This happens because the dirt that was at the base of your carpet has now been pushed up to the top. This makes dirt visible where it previously wasn’t. Another possible reason for seeing these brown spots could also be due to the operator not sufficiently extracting the water during the cleaning process. One may jump to the conclusion and think that too much hot water has been used but the likely cause could just be that their machinery hasn’t extracted enough water from the carpets. As the water is drawn upwards through the carpet fibres, the dirt will sit on top and cause brown spots to appear.

How to avoid these brown carpet spots

There are a few ways that a professional carpet cleaning company can avoid carpet browning. One is by properly and thoroughly vacuuming the entire area before initiating the cleaning process. It’s also important that all of the water is removed and completely dried from the area.

Tips for selecting the right professional carpet cleaning company

It’s always important to make sure the company you choose has reputable reviews. Check Google reviews or your preferred service to make sure other customers have been happy. When you’re investing money in a focal point of your home, make sure you’re using a trusted company – usually you can get a good idea on the type of company you’ll be dealing with by reading their reviews on both Google and social media.

Lastly, the hot water extraction method is the most effective carpet cleaning method. This cleans down to the base of your carpets and extracts everything from the bottom up.

Our technicians strive to make you happy with our services. If for any reason find yourself not completely happy with our services, please let us know so we can discuss your options. Through our tried and tested method of hot water extraction, your carpets will be cleaned to the highest of expectations.

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