Quite often, when we mix pets with carpets it’ll likely turn into a mess which later needs to be cleaned. Is there a simple way then to keep your carpets clean and still allow for your pets to walk or play on them?  Of course, there is!  In this article, we’ll be explaining some simple steps that you could start doing from today in helping to keep your pets happy and your carpets clean.

Purchase a pet-rug

A very simple, and yet effective way to keep your carpets clean is to buy a medium-sized pet rug. Encourage your pet to sit/lay there and be sure to give it a couple of toys so it doesn’t get bored.  By using a pet-rug, you won’t need to worry about the hairs and dirt on its paws being spread throughout the home.

Clean those paws!

By giving your pet’s paws a quick wipe down, you can avoid having little dirt particles being engrained into your carpet’s fibres.  This is a method which can be performed when your pet enters the home from being outside. Give it a go and you’ll notice just how effective it really is.

Vacuum your carpets regularly

If you can give your carpets a regular vacuum, this will help to remove pet hairs from the carpets.  Of course though, over time more and more pet dander as well as dirt will accumulate and you’ll need something a little bit stronger than a vacuum cleaner to keep your carpets clean.

Trim those nails!

If your pet’s nails are a little overgrown, be sure to give them a trim.  This will help to reduce your pet from carrying across dirt particles that stick to its nails.  If possible, also try to give them a little wipe over when you’re wiping down their paws.

Use the professionals

If you’ve had success in reducing the amount of dirt on your carpets caused by your pets, but feel like there are just too many stains to take care of and that there are odours that you can’t lift, this is when it’s a good time to call the carpet cleaning professionals.  Did you know that by having your carpets professionally steam cleaned, you can significantly reduce the amount of pet dander a swell as hidden bacteria caused by allowing your pets to interact with the carpets?  Even though your carpets may look clean, there are tonnes of nasties that are hidden within the carpet fibres.

For more information on keeping your carpets clean or advice on strategies for reducing your pet’s ‘paw-print’ in your home, feel free to get in contact with one of our wizard cleaners today.  You may call us on 0400 634 609 or leave us an enquiry HERE.