If you’re new to the world of carpet steam cleaning, you may not be aware of the options available. At Wizard Tile, Grout and Carpet Cleaning Perth, we offer two types of carpet cleaning services; Standard Steam Clean and Deluxe Steam Clean.  Knowing which one to choose depends solely on the state of your carpets as well as your expectations.

Standard Steam Clean vs Deluxe Steam Clean

Standard Steam Clean

Usually, when someone is given a service that has a standard or deluxe option, the standard option is seldom worthwhile.  When it comes to our Wizard Standard Steam Clean, we can assure you that this is not the case.

Our Standard Steam Clean is our most common service.  It’s incredibly effective for removing minor stains and is great for maintaining a healthy, clean carpet.  A Standard Steam Clean will give your carpets that ‘fresh feel’ they deserve whilst at the same time helping to remove all those hidden germs and bacteria that exist. Standard Steam Cleaning is also perfect when vacating a rental property.  For cases when our customers require additional stain treatments, we can quote this on a ‘per job basis’.

If your carpets aren’t well maintained between cleans there’s a chance that a Standard Steam Clean may not be sufficient.  For this reason, we always recommend our customers to vacuum regularly between our professional carpet cleaning services and to avoid using shoes whenever possible.

Deluxe Steam Clean

With a Deluxe Steam Clean, we generally suggest this service to our customers which have carpets that require a lot of attention.  This may include carpets that have large amounts of stains or even carpets that are not looked after during the year and therefore are riddled with dirt and bacteria. The Deluxe Steam Clean option is essentially giving your carpets more of a luxury service.  More time will be required to clean your carpets and a higher concentration of cleaning products will be used.

Due to the extra amount of work required, our Deluxe Steam Clean service comes at a slightly higher price compared to the Standard Steam Clean. 

In summary, the largest difference between our two types of Carpet Steam Cleaning options lies largely in the what the customer will receive.  For a quick, freshen-up of your carpets and to keep them nicely maintained, a Standard Steam Clean will be perfect.  A Standard Steam Clean is also particularly effective for lifting dirt and bacteria caused by moderate foot traffic and pet exposure.  For more intensive jobs, such as removing large amounts of dirt, stains, germs and bacteria from your carpets, the Deluxe Steam Clean option would be best.

For more information on our Perth Carpet Steam Cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to get in contact today. You may call us on 0400 634 609 or leave us an enquiry HERE.