It’s come to that time of the year again where the kids are getting their school bags ready to go.  Quite often, our children seem to feel that they are the only victims at this time of the year. “I don’t want to go back”, “I don’t want to do homework”, “I just want to play at home”.  Even though these cries of help seem distressing for them, they have no idea what us mums have in store for ourselves at home; dirty laundry, dirty carpets, dirty tiles and everything else that comes in-between.

Being a mother and carer for the home, there are two times of the year when you’ll feel most stressed.  The first instance will be just before Christmas when you’re frantically trying to organise the home for the Christmas break.  The second time you’ll feel this way will be at the end of January.  This is when the house will have been exposed to almost two months of nothing but Lego, playdough, pet dander, scuff marks, stains and anything else that can find its way inside either via your children’s shoes or hands.

The need for wanting to get your home to a pre-Christmas state is dire. As soon as the 8.30 am school bell rings on the first day of the year, the reality will set in.

Looking after your carpets when school holidays have ended

The key to restoring your carpets to their pre-Christmas state depends a lot on what they’ve had to endure during the holidays.  If you’re a typical mum, chances are this means there will be new stains, patches of discolouration as well as spots of dirt, dust and grime.  If you’ve found yourself in the above situation, then don’t worry as you’re definitely not alone!

Before stressing, it’s first best to analyse your carpets. If they’ve barely been exposed to foot traffic, pets or food particles, then chances are you may be able to get away with a solid session of vacuum cleaning.  If they’ve have felt the wrath of weeks of activities, then a thorough carpet steam cleaning session may be required.

How carpet steam cleaning can help?

By getting your carpets professional steam cleaned, there’s a good chance that all new stains created during the Christmas period will be removed.  Furthermore, it’s also a fantastic way to remove dust, pet dander, germs and grime from your carpets that would otherwise be impossible with a standard vacuum cleaner.  If having your carpets restored to a pre-holiday state is a high priority for you, then we definitely recommend this option.

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