Having carpets and pets that aren’t quite toilet trained don’t usually make for the best combination.  Even if your pets are toilet trained, they may share their excitement on the carpet when they see you getting back home from work.  If this happens, it’ll generally result in someone Googling best ways to remove pet urine stains from carpets.  Even though you may stumble across some great temporary fixes, the real issue will still be there.  At Wizard Tile & Grout Cleaning W.A, we always recommend cleaning pet urine stains and odours with carpet steam cleaning.

Why is Removing Pet Urine Stains and Odours with Carpet Steam Cleaning so Effective?

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the most preferred methods of dealing with pet urine stains and odours. The main reason for this is because it’s really effective in treating the problem.  With carpet steam cleaning, a method referred to as ‘hot water extraction’ will involve applying extremely hot water to the affected area and then sucking it back up again with a high-pressure sucking action.  This will not only lift the germs and bacteria from the carpet, but it’ll also eliminate associated odours.

What’s wrong with DIY methods?

As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of ‘quick-fix’, DIY pet stain removal approaches you can take.  The unfortunate thing is though, that most of the methods are temporary. When cleaning pet urine, it’s essential to do it right first time or otherwise, you run the risk of the smell coming back.

During recent times, we’ve had many customers tell us about the money they had wasted on purchasing cleaning equipment and products to remove pet urine stains.  Although they thought their methods were successful at first, they realised that the smell and stain had returned only days later.  Furthermore, they were left with a massive dent in their budget.

At Wizard Tile and Grout Cleaning W.A, we can save you time and money with removing pet stains.  Our team of professional cleaners are all trained at removing the nastiest of pet stains from carpets.  Not only will we be able to perform a same-day service for most jobs, but we’re available 7-days a week.  Our services for carpet steam cleaning, inclusive of pet urine treatment start at just $140 for 3 rooms of carpet.

For more information on how our cleaning team can help you today, please feel free to leave us an enquiry HERE.  Alternatively, you may also call us on 0400 634 609.