Given that one-third of our day is spent in bed (which translates to one-third of our lives), it goes without saying that we need to take care of the area we’re spending so much time in.  Whether that means ensuring you have a comfortable bed or a nice-looking frame, whatever it takes to improve your experience with your bed will be well worth it. 

Now then, you may be wondering what mattress cleaning has to do with ensuring your level of comfort and happiness in your bed? There are actually several reasons which we’ll explain below!

Mattress Cleaning Benefits

It’s unfortunate but mattresses are quite often overlooked when it comes to cleaning tasks around the home. This shouldn’t be the case given the amount of time we spend on top them.  Without even realising it, there can literally be millions of pollens, dust mites, dead skin flakes and hair particles scattered throughout your mattress.  

… and why is this an issue?

If you or your children suffer from any type of respiratory issues or allergy problems, being exposed to these nasties can be a major trigger for breathing difficulties. Furthermore, did you know that dust mites are actual living bugs that breed and multiply if left untreated? They feed off dead skin cells and hair particles which is why it’s so important to ensure they’re taken care of through thorough cleaning.

How to get your mattress cleaned?

At Wizard, Tile & Grout Cleaning W.A, we not only specialise in cleaning the large obvious surfaces, but we also specialise in cleaning upholstery such as sofas, chairs and even mattresses.  Through the process of steam cleaning and hot water extraction, we’re able to effectively clean your mattresses and remove a lot of those allergy-causing nasties that like to invade your space.

After having your mattress cleaned, not only will it smell and feel better, but it’ll also look better.  Sweat stains and other stains will generally come out in the cleaning process so it’ll be nice to know that you’ll have a near-new mattress to sleep on once again.

If you’d like any additional information on our mattress cleaning services, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to our team of Wizard Cleaners on 0400 634 609.  You may also leave us an enquiry HERE.