Is disinfecting different from cleaning?

Cleaning and disinfecting have been buzzwords for the last year. Everyone needs to be sanitised, and everything needs to be disinfected. But is there any difference between what you were doing previously with your routine cleans and what you’re doing now? It depends on the process and products you use. It can also vary depending on the surface. So before you start your floor tile cleaning or bathroom deep clean, make sure you know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting.

What’s the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

Cleaning can vary, depending on who you ask. Often times it can rely on the appearance of things. Whether it’s tidying up your household or wiping down spills from dinner, the main goal is to usually achieve a cleaner look. For some, cleaning can mean moving germs from one surface to the other (think of an old sponge or a damp Chux). When you’re disinfecting, you are actively looking to kill the germs and bacteria. This ultimately will make your home safer and more hygienic. This step requires specialised and approved disinfecting products.

Which should I do first?

Cleaning is an imperative first step before you disinfect. Cleaning allows you to remove the layer of dirt that overlays the surface. If you don’t clean your surface first, you are merely disinfecting the dirt and grime that lays on top of the surface. And while many people stop at cleaning without disinfecting after, this isn’t recommended in today’s environment. Cleaning will help reduce the chance of spreading disease or infection. But only properly disinfecting will kill the germs and stop the spread of harmful particles.

Does professional floor tile cleaning include disinfecting?

As you’re going through your home cleaning checklist, it can become a little daunting to ensure that everything is both cleaned and disinfected. With floors all the way throughout your home, you can easily tick off a big item on your list by hiring professionals for your floor tile cleaning. At Wizard cleaning, our team has the experience and the cleaning products so that you can rest easy knowing your floors will be safe for children, pets and family.

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