Restaurants are busy places, both at the front-of-house and at the back-of-house. While you want to maintain cleanliness for the customers to see and notice, you don’t want to stop there. Kitchens have a lot of foot traffic and spillage with employees going in and out to serve customers. Due to this, it’s important to pay close attention to your tile and grout cleaning.

Why is tile and grout cleaning especially important in restaurants?

There are a lot of hygiene standards surrounding the food industry. Now with COVID-19, there is even more attention being paid to maintaining cleanliness standards. With the amount of grease and oils used in kitchens, as well as the sheer amount of food, this can attract all sorts of insects and animals. Furthermore, inspectors pay special attention to cleanliness, which includes the floor you and your employees walk on. There are also the bathroom tile floors that customers will regularly see. Maintaining the cleanliness in the bathrooms is also important so that they see and trust the hygiene standards of your establishment.

What happens if you don’t maintain your floors?

If you allow the grease to build up and neglect your regular tile and grout cleaning, it can ultimately wear away at your floors. Most kitchens include a daily opening and closing cleaning routine. If your routine just includes a hose down or mop, this will do for the day-to-day cleaning. However, if you neglect a periodic deep clean, you will notice a slow film building up over the tiles and grout. As grout is porous in nature, it absorbs grime and dirt. Not only can this harbour nasty bacteria, but over time this can eat away at the grout to a point where it needs to be repaired.

Our tile and grout cleaning method

Our team of professionals will first apply a pre-cleaning solution to the entire tiled area including the kitchen, bathrooms and bar.  We then add a highly concentrated cleaning solution that will penetrate the built-up grease and food debris. Afterwards, our team of tile cleaning experts will use our state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently remove the dirt, grime and bacteria. After we’re done, your floors will look brand new and will be fit for another busy day in the restaurant, cafe or bar.

Should you have any questions about our tile and grout cleaning services at Wizard Cleaning Perth, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can reach our team at 0400 634 609 or you can leave us an enquiry HERE.