When it comes to looking after our split system, a lot of us tend to push it down the priority list. More often than not, many of our customers’ split systems are facing issues which they’re not even aware of!

Keeping your split system well looked after is key to have it functioning how it should be functioning. Perhaps your energy bills have been going up without you realising? Or you feel as though a musky smell is being distributed throughout your home? Maybe it takes a while for your unit to heat up or cool down but you thought it was normal?

A lot of these above issues can be resolved by treating your split system to a professional clean!

Why would my split system need professional cleaning?

As our air conditioning systems are put to work, they tend to churn through a lot of dust, moisture and bacteria.  Over time, these tiny particles will start to build-up in the system and cause performance issues.  Not only will the performance be affected, but there’s a high chance that mould will even develop!

How can professional cleaning help keep my unit clean?

By investing in the longevity and cleanliness of your unit, you could expect to experience the following benefits:

  • Reduction of bad odours coming from the unit
  • A decline in the amount of dust and bacteria being circulated by the unit
  • A reduction in power bills due to the unit not needing to work as hard to produce heating/cooling effects
  • Longer shelf life

Why does Perth’s professional split system cleaning help?

When it’s time to call the professionals to clean your split system, you’ll realise why you needed it cleaned in the first place.  All the dirt, dust and even mould will be flushed out of your system, leaving it with the ability to function better as well as expel much cleaner air.

To find out how the cleaning wizards at Wizard Tile & Grout Cleaning Cleaning W.A can help to keep your unit clean, feel free to call us on 0400 634 609.  You may even leave us an enquiry HERE.

To read more about our split system cleaning services, you can view our Perth Split System Cleaning page HERE.