Grout is in between the tiles on your kitchen floor, backsplash, bathroom and shower. Grout can be different types, different colours and just an overall different level of clean. So how do you differentiate when it’s time for grout cleaning or if the only solution is grout replacement? We’ve outlined some key ways to tell below.

When your grout should be replaced

If your grout is falling off or is crumbling, it’s definitely time to replace it. Even if you notice cracks in the grout, this could lead to it later falling apart. If the grout starts coming out of place like this, it can allow dirt and debris to get under the tiles. You may also notice that holes have started forming in your grout. This can allow water to get in under the tiles which could later lead to a much bigger problem of water damage beneath the tiles. The process of replacing your grout is a time consuming one. You will need to first scrape off the old grout before replacing it with an epoxy grout. It’s best to avoid this process by maintaining and cleaning your grout properly.

When it’s time for grout cleaning

When mould or mildew starts building in between your tiles, it’s definitely time to clean them. It’s important you don’t let this stay too long as it can cause long-term damage to the grout. It’s most common to see this in your shower or bathroom – places it gets repeatedly very wet. When your grout starts turning colours, it’s time for grout cleaning. A simple gentle soap and water should be all that you need. A lot of online forums suggest using a hard brush and abrasive scrubbers to clean it. However, this may damage the grout making it less effective and more susceptible to dirt in the future.

When to call the professionals

If the colour doesn’t lighten after cleaning or the mould doesn’t come off with your soapy wash, it’s time to call the professional tile and grout cleaners. They know how to treat and properly clean it without causing damage.

If you’re after a tile and grout cleaning, our team of professionals can bring your kitchens and bathrooms back to life. Recommended every 18 to 24 months, it’s important you make it part of your routine so you can avoid the more costly and time-consuming process of grout replacement. To schedule a grout cleaning, call us at 0400 634 609 or leave us a message HERE.