If you’ve seen the title of this article, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “How can a service that I pay for save me money?”.  It’s normal to think that this is a bit of a paradox, however, if you continue to read on you’ll see there’s a lot of reason behind the statement.

Before we start listing out the ways that professional carpet cleaning can help to save you money, it’s first important to recognise the cost of professional carpet cleaning. Depending on which company you use, the price will vary – with Wizard Tile & Grout Cleaning W.A, our competitive steam cleaning prices for 3 x standard rooms start at $140, and we recommend this treatment at least once per year. 

Now then, where were we…

1. Save on carpet replacements

As time goes on and more foot traffic passes over your carpets, you’ll notice wear and tear will soon settle in. In addition to this, there’s also a chance that multiple stains have developed and are near-impossible to remove by hand. If you find yourself in this situation and having clean carpets is something important to you, it’s likely that you’ve considered replacing your carpets. This comes at quite a large price, and if looked after properly through regular professional carpet cleaning, chances are that carpet replacements can be pushed out by a couple of years.

2. Save on equipment hire & cleaning products

Have you ever been to a local hardware store and seen the prices of renting carpet cleaning equipment to be quite exorbitant? That’s because they are! Especially when you factor in the costly cleaning products that are required to be purchased separate to the rental costs. Not only will you need to hire the equipment, race home to clean and then back to the store to avoid paying extra fees, you’ll also need to set it up and learn how to use it – which touches on our next point. 

3. Save on time

Living in a period that feels we have less time to do more things, spending unnecessary time in learning how to use carpet cleaning equipment and then doing the chore yourself can be very time consuming. When you factor in the price on top of this, it’s hard to see where the added value comes from when going about it solo. Sure, there’s the self-satisfaction you may get when your carpets are looking clean and fresh, but this usually requires a lot of skill which can’t be picked up on your first attempt.

With the above three points in mind, it’s important to weigh up the costs with benefits when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. By hiring a professional, they can usually come and go within a two-hour window, and then there’s nothing else to worry about. You won’t need to stress about the products reacting badly with your floors OR spend time watching YouTube videos on how to use a steam cleaner OR spend money on hiring something that will likely hurt your back when loading and unloading it in the car.

For any questions on our carpet cleaning services, our team would love to have a chat. Feel free to either leave us an enquiry HERE or give us a call on 0400 634 609.