Dry Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning, it’s a debate which has plagued us for a very long time.  But it’s ok, we’ve solved that predicament and we’re going to share it with you! Firstly, in order to see who the winner is, it’s important to know the difference between the two.


What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry Cleaning is a method of cleaning which uses little to no water.  Instead, it uses lots of chemicals which will result in reducing the amount of time required for drying.  This method used to be very popular among carpet owners, however with new technologies and advancements in cleaning procedures, this popularity has plummeted significantly.  Lots of advocates of traditional, Dry Cleaning methods are starting to realise that it merely gives the carpet a superficial clean.  Through the application of the chemicals at the start of the cleaning process, many have realised that this only breaks up the dirt which is seen on the toplayer of the carpet – it wasn’t actually reaching into the deep-set germs and bacteria that hide throughout the carpet fibres.

Why was it so popular?

The popularity of Dry Cleaning came from the simple fact that the surfaces dried at a quicker rate than other cleaning methods.  Truth be told, this is still favourable in high-traffic areas where they can’t wait several hours for the carpet to dry.  However, within saying that, those that are more in favour of Dry Cleaning are realising that although their carpets are dry only a short time after cleaning, they’re not entirely clean.

What is Steam Cleaning?

Contrary to what most think, Steam Cleaning actually doesn’t involve the use of steam.  Instead, it uses extremely hot water.  The most efficient way to achieve results from Steam Cleaning is by using the ‘Hot Water Extraction’ method.

Before initiating the process, cleaning specialists will apply a light chemical to the carpet which will assist in breaking up stubborn stains.  From there, they will engage in the ‘Hot Water Extraction’ method.   The Steam Cleaning equipment will expel varying amounts of hot water over the carpet.  In sync with this process, the machine will use a high-force suction head to essentially ‘suck-up’ the hot water as well as the germs, grime and dirt that go with it.  Through the use of extremely hot water, the high-pressure suction and the light application of cleaning chemicals at the start, the Steam Cleaning method will be able to reach not only the stains within carpet, but also the deep-set bacteria which remain out-of-sight to the human eye AND the drying time is even reduced significantly.  This provides an environment which looks, smells and most importantly IS clean.

Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning?

With lots of experience with various methods of cleaning, we have placed Steam Cleaning to be the preferred method of carpet cleaning.  Considering the efficiency of the cleaning equipment and the ability for it to extract hidden germs and stubborn stains it is also a more cost effective method of cleaning.

ALSO, upon any Carpet Cleaning Service offered by Wizard Cleaning Perth, customers will receive a FREE Deodorise and Sanitise.  This ensures not only a great smell, but also a fresh, clean and hygienic finish.

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Stay Clean!