One of the more underestimated house cleaning items is tile and grout cleaning. Though it doesn’t take up a large area on your tile floors, you will be surprised at how much you can make your grout sparkle after a deep clean. Grout is designed to be porous so it can serve as the “joints” of your tiles. However, this also means that it can collect a lot of dirt, dust, bacteria and grime. Whether you’re planning out your next spring cleaning or looking to prolong your professional tile and grout cleaning in Perth, we’ve outlined the Do’s and Dont’s to keep your floors looking their best.

Do’s of tile and grout cleaning

  • Regularly sweep your tile floors. If you leave the dirt on your surfaces, it will only further settle into the grout. This leads to damage and a less clean look.
  • Promptly clean up spills. In the same way that your carpets can stain, so can your grout. Pay special attention to items with high acidity – including alcohol, tomato sauce, or grease, as these are the most potent spills. If you clean this quick enough, it will wipe off without any discolouration.
  • Use a soft cloth, mop or sponge when cleaning your floors. Gentle is key when it comes to keeping your grout in good condition.

What not to do

  • In the same way that dirt and dust can be abrasive to your grout, so can harsh cleaning tools. Stay away from abrasive scrubbers, sanders, or other tools.
  • Be careful about what cleaners you use. Some common suggestions include bleach, baking soda, or other aggressive cleaning agents. These cleaners can damage the grout to a deeper level, where they will actually absorb stains and dirt easier in the future. Stick with the gentle soap!

If you’ve found that the tile and grout in your home has lost its sparkle, our expert cleaning team will get your floors looking new again. It’s important to take note of any stains in your grout or visible wear in the grout including cracking or breaking away. These indicate that it’s time to call the professionals. The difference with Wizard tile and grout cleaning is that our cleaning professionals will first apply a pre-cleaning solution over the entire tiled area. After, we will then target the grout with a concentrated solution that breaks down all the built-up grout. Lastly, our high-powered machinery, in combination with the cleaning solutions, will remove the grime from the base of your tiles and grout.

For more information on our professional tile and grout cleaning in Perth, leave us an enquiry HERE or call us on 0400 634 609.