Floor tile cleaning needs to be treated differently than tile grout cleaning. It goes beyond just keeping your home looking beautiful and clean – there’s also grime and bacteria that can hide in the nooks and crannies of your tiles. When cleaning your floor tiles, the overall rule is to stay away from anything too abrasive. This can chip away at the shine, colour or protectant that overlays the top of the tiles. Here’s our top tips to get your tiles sparkling clean again.

Do’s of floor tile cleaning

For regular maintenance, a vacuum or sweep will remove the biggest pieces of dirt and other items that are tracked inside. After, you can gather the finer pieces of dirt with a dust mop, or something with finer pieces to grab the smaller pieces of dirt. At this point, if you are merely maintaining your floor and don’t need to treat any stains, a regular mopping will ensure buildup does not grow on your tiles. If you do have some stains that you need to remove from pieces of the tile faces, you can purchase a cleaner that is made for your type of tiles. It’s important you buy an appropriate cleaner meant for your floors and spot test a small area before using it on your entire floor. 

What not to do

If you are looking for DIY floor tile cleaning, you may come across some homemade vinegar solutions. These are too abrasive for most tile types, so these are not recommended to use on your tiles. You also may see recommendations to use bleach on your floors as a sure way to kill any bacteria. Bleach is a very strong chemical and is not recommended to use on any floor surfaces. Any commercially available cleaners will specify which kind of floors they meant to be used on – follow these directions and you will be in good hands. It’s also common to find floor waxing solutions on the market. These directions must be followed perfectly, and even then can weather and warp over time, leaving you with a less than desirable floor appearance. 

If you notice that your floors are needing extra attention and you are seeing things like browning tiles, sticky floors, or overall discolouration and buildup, it’s time to call the professionals. A professional floor tile cleaning will mean that your tiles will shine like new and will have less bacteria and grime than before – the ultimate goal of cleaning your home. 

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