DIY Carpet Cleaning Foams and What You Should Know

When it comes to keeping your carpets clean and odour-free there are many things you can do. Inexpensive things also! One of the things that many carpet owners will try to do first though is use carpet cleaning foams.  Although carpet cleaning foams smell nice and will make your carpets smell nice for a period of time, there are actually several other things to consider.

What to watch out for with Carpet Cleaning Foams

When it comes to using carpet cleaning foams you need to look past the nice smell that they release. A lot of these carpet cleaning foams will soak into the carpet and even though the carpet appears dry, it might still be wet.  This becomes a problem when someone steps on this wet patch and then goes to walk around the house.  Bits of dirt will become attracted to these wet spots and new stains will start to form.

Furthermore, once the foam finally dries you will notice that there is sometimes a powder left over. This powder can be sucked up with a vacuum cleaner, but it’s hard to get all of it.  With whatever powder is left in the carpet, dirt particles will eventually stick to it.  As this spreads throughout the house you will notice more stains starting to form. With these stains you’ll generally notice bad odour coming from them also.

Best option instead of using DIY Carpet Cleaning Foams?

To call in a professional carpet steam cleaning company!  By using the professionals you could end up saving yourself a lot of money and time in the long run.  Carpet cleaning foams are generally quite pricey and when you factor in the time it takes to use them (and sometimes to not even achieve the desired results), there is not much difference when using a professional carpet cleaning company.

At Wizard Cleaning we specialise in carpet steam cleaning methods.  Our prices are also very competitive and most of the time we will even be able to deliver a same-day turn around.  When we steam clean your carpets we aim to remove all stains and bad odours from them.  Feel free to call us on 0400 634 609 to book today!  You can also make an enquiry on our website HERE.