Are you or your family affected by allergies? If so, don’t worry because lots of families are in the same position. Luckily for you though, if you have carpet and are unsure about what’s been triggering off your allergies we may have a solution! Dirty carpets and allergies is something that affects many, but at the same time not many realise it.

Dirty Carpets and Allergies

Why could this affect you? Put simply, when you don’t clean your carpets regularly (and thoroughly) they tend accumulate a lot of dust and other allergens. These other allergens can be anything from pet dander, to pollen to even food particles.

Although most think ‘as long as our carpets appear clean then they must be clean’, this isn’t quite true. Dust mites and other allergens hide within the carpet’s fibres. It’s actually very difficult to see them with the naked eye!

Out of sight out of mind?

Not necessarily. Just because we can’t see what’s causing our allergies doesn’t mean the trigger isn’t under our own feet. We have attended countless amounts of homes that have noticed a severe reduction in the way their family’s allergies have been triggered.


It’s called ‘Carpet Steam Cleaning’. At Wizard Cleaning W.A we offer the latest in cleaning equipment to ensure your carpets not only look clean but ARE clean! Our method of ‘hot water extraction’ will reach hard to clean spots within your carpet’s fibres. This form of carpet steam cleaning is one of the safest and most effective ways to have your carpets cleaned. Not only will our carpet steam cleaning methods leave your carpets looking clean, but you’ll also notice a decrease in the amount of dust and allergens built-up in them. If you have been suffering from allergies and aren’t sure of the trigger, try having your carpets professionally steam cleaned to see if it helps. Worst case scenario is that you haven’t found what’s triggering your allergies.  Although …  at least you’ll have carpets that look and smell fresh.

For more information on how our professional carpet cleaners can have your floors looking and feeling great again feel free to call us on 0400 634 609.  You can also contact us HERE.