If you’re a business owner in Perth and you’re looking to outsource your floor cleaning to a professional commercial floor cleaning company, then you are on the track.  So many businesses have tried to keep their cleaning in-house by either utilising their own staff or hiring cleaners especially for this.  What they find is that their own staff don’t necessarily like the additional tasks, and it may also go against the scope of work outlined in their contract. With in-house cleaners, although they may do a great job at keeping your workplace tidy, this can be a costly exercise (particularly when running a small business).

At Wizard Cleaning, we have had the pleasure to assist many small to medium-sized businesses with ensuring their floors are in a clean, tidy and presentable way for their staff and customers.  

So why is commercial floor cleaning so important?

Commercial floor cleaning has an entire scope of benefits. One of the most obvious being the satisfaction and contentment of your employees. Various studies have indicated that by having a clean working environment, employee productivity can increase. Not only will employees feel good when the floors below them are free from scum, dirt, stains, mould and bacteria, but anyone suffering from a respiratory disorder may notice some improvements. 

And what about the customers?

Despite the popular proverb of, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, it’s commonly thought that if somewhere looks nice, then it must be good! And the same applies to when a customer enters your office or warehouse. If the customer sees dirt, stains and discolouration to the carpets, tiles or concrete slabs, it’ll immediately impact on their judgement of your business. Unfortunately, these preconceived thoughts one can have on a business comes from the initial exposure to them. If the business offers a great quality service, you would expect this to carry into the appearance of their workspace.

Value for money?

By outsourcing your floor cleaning to a professional cleaning company, not only will you save in the costs involved with employing full-time cleaners, but you’ll also save in the cleaning products and equipment required.  Furthermore, you would save financially as the time required to train staff and ensure they’re doing a satisfactory job is also time-consuming and costly.  As a business owner, these are things that you shouldn’t need to worry about, instead, you should be focused on running your business with your employees.

For a quote on getting your office or commercial space cleaned, feel free to leave an enquiry HERE.  You may also reach one of our friendly cleaners on 0400 634 609.