A Cleaning Checklist for Your Office

Maintaining a clean work environment is crucial for not only the aesthetics of your office space, but also for the productivity of other employees.  When you step into an office, you’d expect to see clean floors, dust-free cabinets and no spills on the tables.  Many offices neglect the importance of cleaning and are therefore not exposing their employees to the clean environment that they deserve.  By implementing a simple cleaning checklist for your office, you should notice a much cleaner and positive working environment.

Many studies have shown that by having a clean, open work area that levels of productivity can increase. Furthermore, by maintaining a clean office it looks good for when customers or clients come to visit.  It’s unfortunate but true, a messy office will reflect poorly on a business.

To help ensure that you’re office is keeping up with the rest, we’ve put together this simple ‘office cleaning checklist’ for you to follow along with.  Even though most offices will already have dedicated cleaners, there are certain things you can do at your own work station to help improve the overall aesthetics of the office.  As well, these cleaners generally come once a week or so, so there are always things to be done in-between visits.

Cleaning Checklist for Your Office

Never feel afraid to add more items to this list; new things come up all the time!  Also, if the jobs are shared out evenly it won’t be such a big task.

  • Wipe down your workstation with a microfiber cloth at the end of each shift and remove all dust
  • Empty your small, personal bin at the end of each shift
  • Ensure that your computer monitor is clean and doesn’t have finger marks
  • Keep the kitchen clean at all times and wash any left over plates at the end of the day
  • Vacuum the carpet if a client or customer is coming to visit and the cleaner hasn’t come
  • Keep all glassed areas clean
  • Pick up noticeable bits of rubbish on the floor if you see them
  • File your papers accordingly and don’t leave them out to collect dust
  • Keep all your cables bunched neatly together. A great tip for this is to use cable ties!

Still need more help?

For professional office cleaning assistance, at Wizard Tile & Grout Cleaning WA we can provide unparalleled cleaning assistance when it comes to steam cleaning your office carpets, ensuring that the tiles and grout are cleaned effectively and also ensuring clean Air Conditioning Split Systems.

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