carpet cleaning perth

When it comes to carpet cleaning Perth, a question that is quite often asked is “how much does it really cost?”.  And it’s a fair question.  Generally speaking, only the rich used to be able to afford professional carpet cleaning services and so it was nowhere near as popular as current times.  The majority of the population couldn’t use professional carpet cleaners and so began the development of a mentality where many believed the service was unnecessary.

Many things have passed since professional carpet cleaning started gaining popularity.  There has been a constant improvement in the equipment, techniques and also in the approach to carpet cleaning.  One of the other major changes can be seen in pricing. Professional carpet cleaning is now not just a luxury for the rich; it’s actually available for almost the entire population.

Carpet Cleaning Perth – Benefits

Before jumping into knowing the costs of Perth’s professional carpet cleaning services, it’s first important to understand the benefits.  Using a professional cleaning company as opposed to doing it yourself can have a multitude of benefits.  These include:

  • Removal of ‘impossible to remove’ stains
  • Improved carpet appearance and health
  • Reduction of dust, bacteria and allergens in carpet fibres
  • Softer feeling carpet
  • Improved appearance of home/office
  • Improving longevity of carpets

Carpet Cleaning Perth – Cost

When considering the costs of professional carpet cleaning, it’s important to factor in how much it would cost by doing it yourself.  With professional carpet cleaning services, it’s not just a case of vacuuming over the top of your carpets to remove superficial dirt and dust.  Instead, it involves penetrating deep within the carpet fibres, removing grime and stains as the process continues.  If you were to rent your own carpet steam cleaning machine (purchasing one would be far too expensive), factor in products and time required to operate it, you could be looking well in excess of $170.

At Wizard Tile & Grout Cleaning W.A, we are constantly offering various deals on our carpet cleaning Perth services.  Our favourite offer at the moment is steam cleaning four standard sized rooms for just $160.  This price is all-inclusive so you won’t need to worry about paying extra for products or extra time spent.

When you consider all the benefits of professional carpet cleaning (especially improving the longevity of your carpets), paying just $160 to have 4 standard rooms steam cleaned is very justifiable.  With that being said, we’re sure that you may come across varying prices; some higher and some even lower.  Always be sure to do your research though.  If a price seems too low then there may be a reason for this.  We always recommend to verify a cleaning companies level of professionalism by checking their reviews on Google.

For more information on our carpet cleaning offers or to book your clean today, contact Wizard HERE. You may also call us on 0400 634 609.