More often than not, our tiles and grout will take up a large portion of your cleaning time.  The stubborn nature of the soap scum and grime that build up on these surfaces makes it particularly hard to clean them.  When the cleaning gets tough, many people will just give up on it and allow the bacteria and germs to infiltrate these surfaces.  This is never recommended as the chances of spreading harmful bacteria increases as mould build up happens.  The good news is though that there are certain preventative and management solutions for you to try out on your tiles and grout from today!

Ways of preventing mould growth on your tiles and grout

1. Ensure there is good ventilation

Mould loves to grow in damp areas. In fact, dampness is its optimal condition for growing and spreading. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that your bathroom has a constant source of ventilation.  This may be through the window or leaving your bathroom door open.

2. Use a good exhaust fan

Exhaust fans are particularly useful when it comes to removing moisture from the air in your bathroom.  Be sure to clean your exhaust fan regularly though as they tend to build up with mould also.

3. Keep everything dry

After you’ve showered or bathed, try to wipe down all tiled and grouted surfaces.  This will slow down and possibly even prevent the build-up of mould. As water and vapour sit on tiles on grout, the porous nature will attract the water and trap it inside which is what leads to mould.

4. Seal the grout

If you can use a silicon-based grout sealer in order to coat the grout, this will help to reduce the speed at which moisture will penetrate your grout.  By reducing the rate of this process, it’ll give you more time to try and keep the room dry before the water sets in.

5.  Try some mould preventative sprays

Mould preventative sprays can sometimes be really effective.  Avoid investing too much money in these treatments though as many people claim that they work fantastically, whilst others say the opposite.  It’s best to sample one and see if it’s working or not before buying more.

6.  Don’t leave wet items lying around

If you’ve got some wet clothing or a damp towel in the bathroom, avoid leaving them thrown off to the side and bundled into a heap.  The best thing would be to hang them up and allow them to dry.  If you leave them bundled up on the floor, they’ll only help add to the moisture issue in the bathroom.

For more information on trying to prevent and manage mould build up in your bathroom, don’t hesitate in reaching out to our team of professional cleaners today.

Finding that you’ve already got a lot of mould?

If your bathroom is too far gone and mould has well and truly set in, it might be best having your tiles and grout treated by the professionals. After that, you can work on the above preventative methods.  For a quote on getting your bathroom mould cleaned today, feel free to call Wizard Tile & Grout Cleaning W.A. on 0400 634 609.  You may also try leaving us an enquiry HERE.