Whether or not it’s in your home or workplace, tiles are generally installed for not only practicality reasons but also for aesthetic reasons.  Even though tiles can be extremely beautiful (if looked after correctly) and are fairly hassle-free to maintain, if you neglect them A LOT of issues can come about. In the blog, we’ll look at the 3 top tile and grout issues faced by most of us.

3 Tile and Grout Issues Most of us Face

1. Build up of white residue

The porous nature of our grout and some tiles means that as water seeps into them, the natural minerals in the water form a crystal which solidifies on the surface, leaving a white residue behind. 

Although at first glance this seems fairly innocuous, if left unattended the residue will thicken and harden over time – making it harder to remove in the future.

2. Stained tiles and grout

One thing that will happen with ALL tiles and grout if they’re not properly looked after is that they’ll eventually become dirtied and stained. When this happens, all the germs and bacteria spread and become a health risk for pets and children. To avoid this getting worse, we recommend giving your tiles and grout a thorough clean whenever you can.

3. Mould build-up

As well as your tiles and grout suffering from a build-up of dirt and bacteria, they can also develop mould. When mould develops you know you’ve got a big issue on your hands! 

The trouble with mould build-up is that anyone with a respiratory issue (asthma, shortness of breath, allergies) can be triggered from being exposed to mould. Similar to how most problems occur in our tiles and grout, mould is formed when these surfaces haven’t had a proper chance to dry out.  If you’ve got mould build-up there’s a good chance that you’ll need to spend quite a lot of time in eradicating it.  Lucky for you though, the solution to mould build-up, stained tiles and the formation of white residue can all be treated in the one, quick clean.

At Wizard Tile and Grout Cleaning W.A, we specialise in the precise cleaning of tiles and grout.  When it comes to cleaning tiles and grout on your own, a lot of time and money is wasted in attempting to improve the top three issues, whereas if we clean these surfaces for you, we’ll have it done in the shortest amount of time possible (as well as being extremely cost-effective).

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