Split System Air Conditioner Cleaned

By having your split system cleaned you could be receiving many benefits.  Not only to your health and efficiency of the split system, but also in terms of saving money and electricity.   Although there are tonnes of benefits of having it cleaned, we’ve decided to list our top 5 benefits of having your split system cleaned.

1. Cleaner air

By cleaning your split system regularly you can expect to be breathing in a much cleaner air. Overtime, mould, germs and bacteria can all build up within the unit and by not having it thoroughly cleaned you can be spreading these particles throughout your home.

2. Better for asthma and allergy sufferers

When you have you split system cleaned not only are you removing the mould and germs, but you’re also removing allergens, which can trigger off asthma and allergy suffers.  A lot of the time, suffers of asthma and allergies don’t even think to have their split system cleaned.  After doing so, many of these people notice an immediate reduction in triggers for their condition.

3. Saves Electricity

With a proper cleaned split system, the unit doesn’t have to work as hard to get the desired results.  From this, you can expect the system to run much smoother and more efficiently.  This improved level of efficiency will be noticed in a reduction of electricity usage.

4. Saves Money

Due to using less electricity you will notice that this will also be reflected in your electricity bills.  Some home owners have been known to save large amounts of money by having their split system cleaned.  Not only will you save in your electricity bills, but you’ll also save in general maintenance and service repairs.  A more efficient running machine means less stress on the entire system, which potentially means less visits from the repairers.

5. Extended unit life and improved performance

With regular, thorough cleaning of your split system, you can expect the overall unit’s life to be extended. Furthermore, you will notice an improvement in the unit’s performance when it comes to heating and cooling.

So there you have it, the top 5 benefits of having your split system cleaned.  If you’re wanting to get a price on having your split system cleaned, then feel free to call one of our cleaning professionals on 0400 634 609 Alternatively, you can leave us an enquiry HERE.