When looking their best, having tiles in your home can make such an impact of the beauty and appeal of any room they’re located in.  Seeing sparkling and shiny tiles coupled with clean, mould-free grout is a major attraction for all homes.  When not looked after though, your tile and grout can turn into a massive liability and detractor when it comes to their appearance, so being aware of what can go wrong is the first step to looking for a solution.  

In this article, we’re going to explore the 4 most common issues you can experience with tile and grout.

Tile and grout issues – number 1

If you have tiles and grout in your home, you may have come across the term ‘efflorescence’.  This is essentially the accumulation of white residue on your tiles. It happens from when the minerals present in water crystallise after having seeped into your tiles. The same thing can happen to your grout and it can result in a large build up of a white powder-like substance.

Tile and grout issues – number 2

The thing that most people fear with their tiles is when they become dirtied and stained. This can happen by not regularly and thoroughly cleaning your tiles. As soon as your tiles become dirty, they tend to lose their lustrous shine. Unfortunately, once they’ve lost their shine, the room around them becomes dull also.

Tile and grout issues – number 3

Similar to what happens with your tiles, your grout can also become dirtied and stained. This mainly happens from its porous nature which traps dirty water.  As your grout becomes dirtied and stained, it’s natural colour will soon fade, and it’ll soon represent a dull addition to your tiles.  If you could compare dirtied and stained grout next to freshly cleaned grout, you would see the impact it can have.

Tile and grout issues – number 4

Mouldy tiles and grout is something you DO NOT want to experience. As we mentioned before, your tiles and grout can become discoloured from the water that seeps through its pores. If not cleaned or dried properly, the water will eventually become tainted and it’ll cause a build up of mould to occur.  Once mould hits it’ll be extremely difficult to remove on your own.

When it comes to have efflorescent tiles, dirtied or stained grout or even mould on your tiles and grout, Wizard Tile and Grout Cleaning W.A. can assist! Get in contact with our professional cleaners by either calling 0400 634 609 or leaving an enquiry HERE … of course, you’re always welcome to try cleaning these surfaces yourself but you’ll fast realise how tedious this task becomes when you’re not equipped with the necessary machinery.